Friday, August 14, 2009

Shuffle sideways

I have decided to draw the curtain (irresistible!) on this blog. Various reasons. None of them very dramatic.

I have started another blog. It is on Tumblr, which I think is a better platform for hosting photos and short pieces of text. Tumblr favours brevity, whereas my usual mode of writing does not. I hope it will discipline my writing, bringing it into tighter lines. This is also keeping with an idea Mark and I have discussed many times: a journal dedicated to the 'fragment' - short, distilled, potent bursts of text. Tumblr is also more aesthetically interesting and customisable.

It will be less Ostalgie focussed, but that interest/preoccupation/burden will be part of the various transmissions/emissions to be found there. Keeping this blog with such a narrow focus made it ultimately unappealing.

The new blog is here.


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